Sadie's Stay n' Play

A tired dog is a good dog. 

Sadie's Stay n' Play is quality dog boarding with a focus on outdoor play and exercise. Our goal is for our guests to get tons of exercise, make new friends, and sleep soundly while patiently awaiting your return.

Our guests will spend lots of time playing outside...

Our guests will be taken outside for frequent play sessions. We have several fenced-in fields, and a fence surrounding our entire property (for our escape artists!). Our guests will be able to run around and enjoy being outdoors, under our constant supervision. We will play fetch, frisbee, hide and seek, and countless other games with our guests.

Dogs running around the field
Making new dog friends and enjoying outside time

...with their new pals!

We match up your dog with appropriate playmates, both two and four-legged. For our social guests, we will have small, carefully matched playgroups. For our guests who prefer playing with people, we will have one on one play time.

Then sleep through the night after an exhausting day of play!

Our guests will be exhausted after running around and playing outside all day. Our boarding facility has comfortable beds and tons of fluffy blankets for your dog to curl up in.

A happy obedient guest!
Relaxing outside in the sunshine

Our Mission...

To provide a safe, fun, and loving home away from home environment with a focus on exercise and socialization to ensure that our guests have a happy, stress-free stay. 

Located in Troy, VA and convenient to Charlottesville, VA, Palmyra, VA, Fluvanna County, and Albermarle County.